What is ClearMilk test

  • The most affordable diagnostic system for mastitis in dairy cows
  • On-farm identification of mastitis agents
  • Rapid depistection of pathogen-secreting dairy cows
  • Previously sold as the PureMilk test

Why ClearMilk test

• Determination of mastitis causative species

• Setting up effective therapy and prevention

• Reduce antibiotic consumption

• Cost savings in anti-mastitis programme and dairy cow dusting

The ClearMilk test set consists of
• Three-section Petri dish with chromogenic agars • Tube for milk collection • Inoculation wand for transferring milk to the Petri dish • Napkin for disinfecting the teat before sampling
How to use ClearMilk test
  1. Take a sample of the milk in a test tube
  2. Apply the milk sample with the inoculation wand to the surface of all three agars of the Petri dish
  3. Incubate the CM test for 22-26 hours at 37,5°C
  4. Determine the species of origin of mastitis using our Atlas of Agents
Follow-up laboratory tests
• Laboratory testing following on-farm diagnostics using the ClearMilk test is used to check the accuracy of the identified pathogens (e.g. when using the CM test for the first time) and also to identify microorganisms that you cannot identify yourself according to the pathogen atlas on the farm. • The diagnosis is performed on a modern MALDI-TOF equipment and the result is obtained within a few hours. • Another important test provided by our microbiology laboratory is the determination of the sensitivity to the antibiotics used.
Mastitis in diary cows
Why turn to an expert?
  • Determine the list of mammary gland pathogens with the ClearMilk on-farm test
  • Confirm the identification of the pathogens detected by MALDI-TOF in our laboratory
  • Develop a strategy for an anti-mastitis program
  • You will get an overview of the antibiotic sensitivity or possible antibiotic resistance for each pathogen present on your farm
  • You will learn how to check the effectiveness of the measures taken
  • You will have access to consultation if necessary
New EU legislation to reduce overuse of ATBs
New EU legislation restricting the administration of antibiotics will be introduced from January 2022. Prepare for the new situation by having enough ClearMilk tests for diagnosis and prevention. Help reduce the overuse of antibiotics and the growing antibiotic resistance in the population.