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Before you start using the ClearMilk test, you will need to be trained by one of our experts who will show you everything and set up the testing process with you to make it as convenient as possible.
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If you have already had the initial training, just order as many CM tests as you wish. We will deliver them to your farm.
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The ClearMilk test set consists of
• Three-section Petri dish with chromogenic agars • Tube for milk collection • Inoculation wand for transferring milk to the Petri dish • Napkin for disinfecting the teat before sampling
How to use ClearMilk test
  1. Take a sample of the milk in a test tube
  2. Apply the milk sample with the inoculation wand to the surface of all three agars of the Petri dish
  3. Incubate the CM test for 22-26 hours at 37,5°C
  4. Determine the species of origin of mastitis using our Atlas of Agents